Teodora Mihoc


I am a technical author at Canonical. In this role I help document Juju—an open source ecosystem of tools, with a rich history and an ambitious scope, designed to facilitate cloud operations. I have also provided expert documentation feedback to Multipass and now also Charmed Kubeflow. My work is supervised by Daniele Procida, guided by Diataxis, and informed by close collaboration with engineers, product managers, marketing specialists, web designers, etc., as well as the wonderful and sophisticated Juju community.

I am also a linguist specialized in formal semantics and pragmatics. The bulk of my research is formal, but I have also carried out experimental work and dabbled in computational methods. I obtained my PhD in Linguistics in 2019 from Harvard with a thesis supervised by Gennaro Chierchia.

For more, please see my resume / CV. You can also visit me on LinkedIn, Google Scholar, LingBuzz or GitHub, or email me at te (dot) mihoc (at) gmail (dot) com or teodora (dot) mihoc (at) canonical (dot) com.

Created: 2022-12-16 Fri 13:26